The Most Important Element in Boat Sales

October 8, 2018

Video Summary:

In this video I share the most important thing in marine sales. If I could summarize sales into one thing, one word, what would it be?


Success is boat and yacht sales is about removing resistance.

Think about it.

If you didn’t have resistance your client would just come in and take your paperwork and sign with your pen — they’d buy your boat.

Sales would be dead-easy.

But the reason they don’t do that is because there is a lot of resistance in the way of you selling your product to them. So now I’m going to show you how to remove resistance. And in order to do that, you have to understand what sales is made of.

Sales is made of 4 things:

First, customers. 

So, let’s imagine John and Mary are your customers and are looking for a boat.

Now what’s the next most important thing?

Second, your product.

So, let’s imagine you are selling a Sea Ray 35.

What else do you need?

Third, a salesperson (this is you).

And fourth, a message that you must communicate.

So guess what?

If I teach you how to remove resistance, it will be the easiest and shortest way for you guys to make a sale. And in order for me to teach you how to remove resistance you need to know what resistance is made of.

Resistance is made of 3 things:

1. Reactance: Fear of the sales person and sales persuasion. And you and I know that people dislike sales. In fact, a survey in 2010 reported that sales is the 2nd most hated profession in America after politicians. Why? Because people hate being sold.

2. Skepticism: The fear of the product itself. The fear of the offer, the price, the contract. And…

3. Inertia: The fear of moving forward, not making the sale.

If you know how to remove reactance, skepticism: & inertia, you will create the shortest path to the sale.

So, how can you remove these 3 things to create the shortest path to the sale?

How can you sell more boats and yachts?

These are great questions.

And to give you all the answers (and more) I put together a 6-Week Sales Masterclass for Boat & Yacht Brokers like you.

During this Masterclass, I dish out all of the tips, tricks, and secrets I’ve personally used to sell yachts over and over again.

But, don’t just take my word for it, I recommend that check over the Sales Masterclass course contents yourself… read the testimonials… and determine if it’s right for you.

After all, it just may be the shortest, quickest, and most effective path for you to sell more boats without resistance.

You can learn more about the Sales Masterclass here:


— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
The Yacht Sales Academy

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