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For Boat & Yacht Sales Professionals

7-Day Boat Sales Transformation

Instructed by Vincent Finetti

7-Days to Boat Sales Transformation is a 1-week online info-program which will forever alter your approach to selling boats & yachts in 2019.

Take this mini-course to discover:
  • The reason why the traditional approach to marine sales is dead (according to a Forrester Research study) and what you must change to survive and financially thrive
  • The 2 questions to ask to noticeably improve your boat & yacht presentations (these alone could revolutionize your sales process)
  • How to turn old leads into inquiries (using a 9-word email script)
  • How to become a better sales negotiator by understanding an FBI hostage negotiator's technique called the “Illusion of Control”
  • Plus a Free Gift: “Sell More at Boat Shows” e-Book upon completion of this course (Note: just 1 of these 20 tips could transform your ability to sell more boats)
“I have been in sales for over 30 years and boating for more than 45 years. I have to say that you have enlightened me to the 'new age of sales' and prospecting for business.”
Tony York
President, Oceans Adventures

Listing Secrets

Instructed by Vincent Finetti
Getting listings is probably one of your biggest problems. I keep hearing it from so many brokers. I also keep hearing that there is a shortage of listings out there and this is why I’ve put this great training together. Remember that in boat sales, “If You Don’t List, You Don’t Last”.
  • Listing Secrets is a course comprised of 3 pre-recorded video modules (each module is approx. 1.5 hours long)
  • How to never rely on “hope” or "luck" again by using a predictable and automated system.
  • How to consistently list a boat at the right price with the right terms
  • How to get clients that want to work with you and no one else
  • How to easily double your listing appointments closing ratio
  • I’ll also personally spend 30-minutes helping you implement the methods so you can get up and running faster (and I can answer any of your questions)
"After taking the Listing Secrets training, I have a clear picture on how to get more listings, a plethora of tools to work with. I had a listing appointment with a client immediately following the training and was able to get them to list their boat at the correct price right from the start. My clients said, "There was no way we would have sold our boat for your suggested asking price let alone list it at this price, but your listing presentation made it clear that this was the right thing to do."
Gordon Bennett
Yacht Broker, Annapolis Yacht Broker Services

Sales Masterclass

Instructed by Vincent Finetti
The Sales Masterclass is a comprehensive six week online course specifically for boat & yacht sales professionals.
Each week you’ll learn about:
  • Week 1: The unique Mindset, Skill-set, & Strategies for boat & yacht sales professionals
  • Week 2: How to adapt to the significant change in how prospects are buying boats & yachts in 2019
  • Week 3: A new method of selling boats & yachts adapted to how prospects are buying
  • Week 4: The “Perfect Presentation” for showing boats and yachts to prospects
  • Week 5: The 7-Step Hollywood Storytelling Framework for converting more leads and presentations into offers
  • Week 6: The Boat Sales Follow-Up Blueprint & 63 Negotiation Techniques tailored to marine sales
  • PLUS: Our Unconditional, 30-Day, 110% Money-Back Guarantee
"I got a chance to spend some time looking through your boat sales techniques and I am totally impressed. It's a lot of information and is something that would greatly benefit all our brokers."
Peter Schmidt
CEO, United Yacht Sales

Here’s A Brief Collection of The Sales Masterclass's Growing List of Client Results

"Closed my first yacht last week and I couldn't have landed that deal without the skills I learned from Yacht Sales Academy. Thank you Vincent Finetti!"

Gordon Bennett
Yacht Broker, Annapolis Yacht Sales

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"Special Thanks to Vincent and Yacht Sales Academy! I applied some of the techniques and recently The Yacht Sales Academy MasterClass is a true investment."

Cedrick Leclerc
Yacht Consultant, Monaco, Breeze Yachting

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"I'm Slammed! Last year, I was selling less than a boat a month, to now, averaging

Eric Brummett
Yacht & Boat Broker, Bob Hodge Marine

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the Yacht Sales Academy training. Over 40 of Denison’s brokers have successfully completed it. Every single one of them received value from taking the training and told me they would vouch for the investment.”

Bob Denison
President, Denison Yacht Sales

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Saturday (thanks to Yacht Sales Academy) - now I'm a little busy delivering them. Thanks again.”

Dale Goodman
Yacht Broker at KMC Marine

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“Last week we had a Sales Seminar. We had over 40 people attending and the overall reaction was “Fantastic”. Vincent Finetti was a home run.

Peter Schmidt
Founder and CEO of United Yacht Sales (150+ brokers )

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“Because of your training, I will have

James Ready
Great Southern Yacht Company

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“No matter what stage you're at in your career as a broker, Vincent will be able to provide you with highly-valuable and result oriented information and strategies to allow you to

Niall Heaney
GulfStream Boat Sales'

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“The email sequence was very effective and I was receiving new leads every day. We ran the campaign for 90 days and received tons of leads. which was a fantastic ROI for this short campaign!”

Rok Babarovic
Business development manager at Pardo Yachts

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“New Steiger Chesapeake 255, J/105, J/32, Jeanneau 36.2, Gemini 105MC catamaran. The new Steiger was a direct result of the 9 word email tip that I learned from Yacht Sales Academy.”

Gordon Bennett
Yacht Broker, Annapolis Yacht Sales

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