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I Highly, Highly, Highly Recommend

“I highly, highly, highly recommend the Yacht Sales Academy training. Over 50 of Denison’s brokers have successfully completed it. Every single one of them received value from taking the training and told me they would vouch for the investment.”

Bob Denison

President, Denison Yacht Sales

I’ve Closed The Most Deals Out of 250 Brokers in 2023!

“I highly recommend taking Vincent’s course if you haven’t already!! I’m now number 5 in my company with over 250 brokers with the most deals closed this year! Hot on the tail of being #3 by Jan 1 2024!”

Paul Ouimette

United Yacht Sales

The Best Sales Training in The Boating Business?

“Last week we had a Sales Seminar. We had over 40 people attending and the overall reaction was ‘Fantastic’. Vincent Finetti was a home run. He’s definitely the best sales trainer in our business.”

Peter Schmidt

Founder and CEO of United Yacht Sales (150+ brokers)

I’ve Got More Listings Than Any Of The 50 Brokers In Our Company!

“I wanted to report that I will have 29 listings online soon. I’ve got 25 online now. I feel it’s because I’ve been following your advice. Not one strategy has brought the listings but a combination of using all your techniques has helped. I’ve got more listings than anyone else in our company now and that’s almost 50 brokers. 27’ to 73’. I wanted to thank you for your continued help.”

Cory Webster

Yacht Broker, Galati Yacht Sales

Sold 7 Boats & Got 4 New Listings Under Lockdown!

“I recently completed the course. I implemented an email strategy that came up in the first call. I sent an email to my list (of just over 5,000) and received over 400 replies. So far (4 weeks later) I have sold 7 boats and secured 4 new listings, far surpassing what I did in the same period last year. And all this has been achieved under lockdown. I full recommend the Yacht Sales Academy and encourage you to implement the strategies shared. I also found the mastermind aspect & connections built with other brokers to be very useful.”

Niall Heaney

GulfStream Boat Sales​

Sold 6 Boats in 30 Days & Got 3 Boats Under Contract

“I want to thank you very much for helping me and giving me the advantage to be a part of your last zoom course! I want to let you know that I have sold 6 boats in the last 30 days and have another one closing next week and a survey tomorrow! As well, I have 3 boats under contract and working on some more. Thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate it!

David D. Hunt

Galati Yacht Sales

Closed My First $1,000,000+ Yacht

 “Closed my first $1,000,000+ yacht last week and I couldn’t have landed that deal without the skills I learned from Yacht Sales Academy. Thank you Vincent Finetti!”

Gordon Bennett

Yacht Broker, Annapolis Yacht Sales

Recently Sold a €2.5M Yacht 

“Special Thanks to Vincent and Yacht Sales Academy! I applied some of the techniques and recently sold a €2,500,000 million yacht. The Yacht Sales Academy Masterclass is a true investment.”

Cedrick Leclerc

Yacht Consultant, Monaco, Breeze Yachting

Sold 3 Boats in 14 Hours

“Sold 3 boats in 14 hours Saturday (thanks to Yacht Sales Academy) – now I’m a little busy delivering them. Thanks again.”

Dale Goodman

Yacht Broker, KMC Marine

I’m Slammed!

“I’m Slammed! Last year, I was selling less than a boat a month, to now, averaging 3 boats a month.” 

Eric Brummett

Yacht & Boat Broker, Bob Hodge Marine

Over $15,000,000 In Sales

“Some big, some small, since Vincent and I started talking I’ve done over $15m in sales.” 

Ryan Haines

Owner, RKH Yachts

What Brokers Are Saying

About The Yacht Sales Academy

"I just wanted to thank you again for the most recent training. It was excellent. I found your insights into the psychology of clients, when it comes to convincing them to list their boats at the right price, to be invaluable. The detailed 'to do' list and step-by-step instruction on how to implement your system is also extremely helpful. Easily the best value training that I’ve undertaken in a long time (and I sign up for a lot of courses!)"
Niall Heaney
Owner Gulfstream Yacht Sales
"Your comments are a great way to stimulate me as a professional salesperson again. Please keep them coming."
Bill King
President, Hampton Yachts Group
"I got a chance to spend some time looking through your boat sales techniques and I am totally impressed. It's a lot of information and is something that would greatly benefit all our brokers."
Peter Schmidt
CEO, United Yachts Sales
"Hi Vincent, Thank you for your time yesterday. You showed me a lot of valuable points, with moving forward with clients. Thank you."
Bruce S. Taymore
Boston Yacht Sales
"Hi Vince, enjoyed your seminar very much. Thanks for the bonus."
Shaw Newman
Delta Boat Sales
"I’ve been following Vincent for a while and have been consistently impressed by his marketing and boat sales insights. I would consider myself a fairly successful boat broker, but I’m always keen to develop my skills and my business. I decided to reach out to Vincent for his advice on how to increase the quantity and value of the boat listings that I am working on.

On our coaching session it became apparent that he speaks from experience when it comes to listing and selling high end yachts. He is generous with his time and the information that he provides. I picked up lots of actionable techniques and strategies that I’m confident will lead to increased listings and sales for my business in the coming months.

No matter what stage you are at in your career as a broker, Vincent will be able to provide you with highly valuable and up-to-date information and strategies to allow you to improve your sales results."
Niall Heaney
GulfStream Boat Sales
"Vincent, I was on the webinar entire time and really like what you had said. I follow a lot of what you were saying.”
Larry Webb
Owner at Royal Marine Yacht Sales
"I loved the live training, it was well done and a good addition, follow up to the 7 day course. You also explained your offer very well."
Rico Stapel
Head of Charter at Boat Lagoon Yachting
"Hello Vincent, Thank you for the webinar. You did a great job presenting and reinforcing some powerful selling techniques. Although I'm not technically a boat broker, these principles are applicable to any type of sales. Thanks for the refresher!"
Scott Jarvis
"Thanks Vincent, really helpful workshop. Have a good day all."
Joel Dionne
Dionne Yachts
"Hi Vincent. Seminar was concise and relevant. I'm always open to learning how to 'sharpen the saw'."
Scott MacCrimmon
Sales, Ed Huck Marine
"Hi Vincent, good job, I enjoyed the webinar."
Garth Leighton
Sales Manager, Pacific Boat Broker
"Hi Vincent, it was great. I realize that people predominantly go online to buy and learning how to still have a small and successful footprint in the sales process is very important. Thank You again!"
Samantha Gauld
International Yacht Broker at United Yacht Sales
"I have been around sales and marketing for well over 45 years and you have really nailed it here!"
Frank Allen
President, The Frank Allen Financial Group Inc
"Hi Vincent, I thought the seminar was very well done with a lot of information. Thanks for the bonus tips and I look forward to more in the future."
Jimmy Economou
Brewer Yacht Sales
"Hi Vincent, I enjoyed and learned a lot in regards to the new style of sales. It made a lot of sense to me and I will be using those tips at the Miami Boat Show."
Alexander Mahan
Yacht Broker at Rick Obey Associates
"I was a sales trainer for many years and tip my hat to you. You did a great presentation and gave me plenty of food for thought on how to improve my results."
Joe Zammataro
Owner of Preferred Yachts & Yacht Broker
"Vincent, Great information, very informative and enjoyable to read. Keep up the great work! Very truly."
Andrew Drumm
Sales Manager, Tartan Yachts
"Vince provides relevant and enjoyable content that will assist to improve the bottom line performance of any boat sales professional and business."
Jed Elderkin
Director, Emarine Australia
"Hi Vincent, Thank you very much for your time in Miami. Your talk was great, plenty of passion, engaging and to the point. I have one of your books for my son who is hoping to move into sales in about 5 years? Cheers."
Wes Moxey
CEO, Riviera Yachts
"Your content is exceptional. I mean that. You have condensed and curated the best marketing/sales info over the last several years and applied it to luxury sales."
Rich Lazzara
Yacht Broker, HMY Yachts
"Yacht sales has changed so much over the last few years. Vincent has great insight into the buyers of today and there are so many great lessons and insights that if implemented, will boost your business to the next level.I've already tried some of the lessons and last week got two accepted offers on brokerage boats.

I highly recommend this course to any new or seasoned yacht sales professional who wants to understand the current yacht sales atmosphere. This is well worth every bit of the investment. I am enjoying implementing the lessons into my daily practice of moving prospects into owners."
Dea Allen
Certified Yacht Broker, South Coast Yachts & Beneteau
"Hi Vincent, I found your seminar to be very informative!!! I have been in this business for 30 plus years and have decided to try implementing some of your suggestions instead of using my traditional sales approach. Thank you!"
John D. MacPherson
"Thank you very much, your Webinar was very informative, I printed what you sent me and forwarded it to all my sales people. It would have been great to have them all online yesterday. Thanks Again!"
Capt. Buck Berry
Owner, South Shore Dry Dock Marine
"Hi Vincent! I watched your 6 lessons. Very interesting idea of sales I will use it for selling our sailing catamarans. Thanks a lot for you and your team."
Sergiy Glushko
Marine Sales Professional
"I learned a lot! thanks for making it easy to understand. great examples and great presentation! thank you very much!"
Leilani Reyes
Marine Sales Professional
"Hi Vincent: A most useful workshop which reinforced my thoughts about the huge shift in the selling paradigm. I look forward to implementing your advice. Thank you for the bonus goodies as well. All great stuff."
Gregory Horne
Owner at Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals
"I thought it was fantastic… I have been hired several times to different Marine businesses to help get them on track and day one is always “We have CLIENTS not customers, they are buying dreams, be a part of that” so a lot of what you said hit home and I learned a lot."
Joe Hemberger
General Sales Manager at Chicago Yacht Works
"Hi Vincent, The webinar was great. It has me pumped to start applying and get more results. The timing is perfect for me because our next big boat show is in less than a month. It will have me trained up with the latest info just in time to make some big sales."
Steven McPherson
Manager at Skull Creek Boathouse
"I also had a listing appointment with a client immediately following the training and was able to get them to list their boat at the correct price right from the start. They said, 'There was no way we would have sold our boat for your suggested asking price let alone list it at this price, but your listing presentation made it clear that this was the right thing to do.'

There is no fluff; there is no pressure to sign up for additional training, there is just useful actionable information that will immediately improve the quality of the service you provide."
Gordon Bennett
Yacht Broker, Annapolis Yacht Sales
"Hi! It was a very informative webinar. I am glad I saw it. It is good to be prepare for the Miami Boat Show!!!"
Jorge Wiewall
Sales at Inter Marine Boats
"Vincent, the presentation was great, you clearly have put a lot of work into it."
Chris Power
Broker at Sunnybrook Yachts
"Hello Vincent, I loved it!! Thanks for the refresher.... I love the material!!"
Jason Taylor
Sales Executive at Performance Boat Center

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