New Revolutionary Boat Selling System Combines Virtual Tour + Video Meeting + Sales Coaching Tool

June 5, 2020

Marine Marketing Company, Prestige Vision Inc., in combination with the Yacht Sales Academy, announces the release of a brand-new online application to show and sell boats.

The company has combined the power of the 360 virtual tour of a boat with a 1-on-1 video meeting with clients, PLUS a built-in sales coaching tool to make showings and sales presentations more efficient and effective.


The broker has the ability to take control of the virtual tour. This creates a shared experience and sales presentation which the broker guides. While the broker and client view the virtual tour, they can communicate via live video and chat.

Essentially, it’s like walking together through the boat, but virtually.


The virtual tour is seamlessly accessible on both parties computers, as it is a simple web-browser enabled app with zero installation required. 


In addition, the app features a built-in sales assistant to help brokers be more effective during the process. The on-demand sales tips and strategies are provided by the Yacht Sales Academy (who has trained 5000+ sales pro over the last 5 years). The sales tool gives brokers specific how-to advice at their fingertips on asking questions, presenting, negotiation, closing and follow-up.

“This new and innovative sales tool allows any boat sales professional to conduct an interactive live 360 demonstration of their boats online. This is a game changing way to show and sell boats and marine products in today’s uncertain market of travel restrictions, lockdowns, and curfews”, says company co-founder Vincent Finetti.

This intuitive online app requires no software or technical skills. It is easy and straightforward to use and can be adapted to any existing virtual tours you may already be using.

For more information or to book a demo, contact:

– Vincent Finetti

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