You Are NOT Good Enough

June 22, 2020

High-performance individuals share one thing in common:

They NEVER believe they are good enough.

On the other hand, poorly-performance individuals share one thing in common:

They ALWAYS believe they are good enough.

Because it was Father’s day yesterday, it reminds me of this Zen saying: “The father who thinks he’s a good father isn’t a good father.”

Get it?

What this means is:

A father who believes he’s a good father will not try to improve, because he believes he has already arrived. Therefore rendering him not a good father. On the other hand, a father who believes he’s NOT a good father will constantly strive to improve. Because he believes he hasn’t arrived. Therefore rendering him a good father.

And so, what can you learn from this as a yacht sales professional?

Simply put: if you want to improve — if you want to sell more boats — if you want to give your and your family a better life — you know that you are NOT good enough.

Let me ask you a simple question:

How much do you want to improve in boat sales?

Because I have an opportunity for you. An opportunity to access:

Every best boat sales secret… every best technique… exposed, examined, and handed to you … so you can use them to sell more boats.

However, there’s a very good chance that you will decide that this opportunity is NOT for you! I say this because I know only 10% of the population has a learning mindset and the desire to improve.

Having said that, if that’s not you, please, forward this to a fellow broker who wants to sell more boats.

If that broker happens to be you… then watch this video below that will change everything you know about boat sales.

To learn more and to register, go here:

— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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