You Are NOT Good Enough

October 1, 2019

The difference between high-performing & poorly-performing brokers is this…

High-performance individuals share one thing in common:

They NEVER believe they are good enough.

On the other hand, poorly-performance individuals share one thing in common:

They ALWAYS believe they are good enough.

It reminds me of this Zen saying: “The father who thinks he’s a good father isn’t a good father.”⠀

Get it?

What this means is:

A father who believes he’s a good father will not try to improve, because he believes he has already arrived. Therefore rendering him not a good father.

Inversely, a father who believes he’s NOT a good father will constantly strive to improve. Because he believes he hasn’t arrived. Therefore rendering him a good father.

And so, what can you learn from this as a yacht sales professional?

Simply put: if you want to improve — if you want to sell more boats — if you want to give your and your family a better life — you know that you are NOT good enough.

You know that you need to continually improve.

That being the case, I invite you this Friday for a Live Webinar on How to Become a Highly-Paid Boat Broker.

To learn more and to register, go here:


— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor

Yacht Sales Academy

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