How I Generated 27 Leads In 30 Days – For $1.60 A Lead, All On Autopilot

September 11, 2019



The #1 reason for failure in yacht sales is an empty pipeline — or simply NO LEADS.

Isn’t it frustrating to go to work day after day, feeling the constant uncertainty, and pressure of not knowing when you’re going to get the next phone call or email?

Now, just imagine how you would feel if you had a reliable, on-demand flow of leads for every single one of your boats.

What’s more, a system that allows you to spend more time closing sales, making money, and serving your clients rather than scrambling for leads and business.

Plus, imagine how many more listings you could get if you could show your clients that you have a proven system to generate leads on demand.

That’s what separates BROKE yacht brokers from HIGHLY PAID yacht brokers.


Now, here’s a COLD HARD truth…

Experience is not as relevant in sales anymore — compared to having the right system in place: A Lead Generating Machine!

To learn how you could setup one — with minimum fuss, effort, and technical know-how — join me this Thursday for a LIVE Webinar that reveals how you can setup your very own lead generating system!!!

A proven system that has personally generated 27 leads for me… in 30 days… for $1.60 a lead… all on auto-pilot.


For more info and to register , just head over here:

So, would you rather chase leads, or have leads chase you?

If you rather be chased, then join me this Thursday!

To your success!

— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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