Ever Lost A Deal To Another Broker?

August 28, 2019

Ever Lost A Deal To Another Broker?

I’m sure you have…

After all, the boating marketplace can seem a little cutthroat at times… like a bloody red ocean of rivals fighting over a shrinking pool of buyers.


And so, today, I want to reveal a sure-fire way of dealing with competition. A way which would make your competition irrelevant.

And it’s a “secret” from one of the Greatest military minds in history: Napoleon the Great.

But first, a warning: 

The following story is not intended for the ordinary broker. It is intended only for those who relentlessly desire to achieve something worthwhile in boat sales, that is: 


If that’s not you, please delete this email, as it will not make one shred of sense to you. However, if you DEMAND to KNOW whatever it takes to achieve greatness in boat sales, then read on.

Way back in 1788…

While stationed at the School of Artillery near Dion, in Eastern France, the then young Napoleon ate only once a day. And changed his clothes once every 8 days, so he could save enough money to send some home to his mother — the rest he spent on books.

And he read exhaustively.

He filled stacks of notebooks with history, geography, religion and the customs of the ancient Spartans, Persians, Egyptians and Carthaginians.

He studied the campaigns of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, and Frederick the Great.

In fact, his favorite entertainments were intellectual rather than social. He once wrote in his diary:

“By never entering a cafe or going into society; by eating dry bread, and brushing my own clothes so that they might last the longer. I lived like a bear, in a little room, with books for my only friends.”

Books — his only friends.

There was nothing he valued so much as books and a good education. And his voracious thirst for knowledge translated into an enormous winning edge on the battlefield.

As best-selling author Robert Greene put it:

“… it was his remarkable ability to absorb a massive amount of detail and organize it in his mind. This allowed him to almost always know more than his rival generals about what was going on.”

The result?

Victory on the battlefield was his constant companion.

And by 1793, at the young age of 24 he was made a general. And by knowing more than any of his rivals, he could exploit every flaw in their maneuvers and exploit every geographical advantage of the battlefield. Often fighting out-numbered, he dealt crushing defeats despite all of Europe’s united effort to stop him.

But, as they say, he was a God of War.

And his campaigns and exploits were so unbelievable that Napoleon Bonaparte immortalized himself as one of the greatest military generals of all time as: Napoleon the Great.

So, what exactly was his “secret”?

What gave him an immense edge over his enemy rivals?

Simply: Napoleon knew and demanded to know more than any enemy general. It was his obsessive demand for information — and that there was nothing he valued so much as self-education. 

And so…

To compete and WIN in the game of boat sales, you must apply the Napoleonic Secret:

*Obsessively demand more information than your enemies.*

Having said that, I know you’re probably way too busy at the docks to read all the books. Fair enough, I get it. But the truth is, you don’t have to read all the books — because I already have and applied the knowledge to boat sales for you. 

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To your success,


— Vincent Finetti

Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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