How To Build The Biggest Twitter Page In The Boating Industry

Every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. People are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses and learn about people, industry news or new products.

I never understood Twitter very well. I tried to get serious about it several times. I read a couple of books about it, but never really got it.

A few months ago, we launched a new boating community called Boat Show Avenue. Our vision was simple: Revolutionize the way people buy and sell new boats worldwide. How? By using over 1500 virtual tours we did for new boats and yachts over the past 5 years, and creating an online marketplace for boat buyers and boat enthusiasts. It was our first business to consumer (B2C) venture. We knew that we absolutely needed to leverage social media to grow exposure and brand awareness. We started with Facebook and were quite successful at it. (See our previous article “How to Build a 100k Facebook page in less than 6 months” )

After Facebook, it was time for us to use another platform and we naturally chose the second largest social media community: Twitter.

Just like we did on Facebook, our objective was simple: To have the largest and most engaged community in the boating industry on Twitter.

We had 2 options:

1- Learning everything from scratch and doing it ourselves
2- Hiring an expert to do it for us.

After spending way too much time cracking the Facebook code, I didn’t want to invest too much time on Twitter, so I decided to go for the second option and hire an expert.

But today, when it comes to looking for an expert, some situations might reveal them a bit more challenging than others. If you need an expert in Theoretical Cosmology, it probably shouldn’t take you long to find a professor like Stephen Hawking or a few other scientists…But when it comes to social media, good luck!

Every day, I meet people claiming they are experts on social media. People who have 27 likes or followers on their page and who claim that they are experts in growth and generating traffic. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the profile of an author and social media consultant, Don Power (@Donpower), who was living in my town and has written a book about Twitter. I contacted him and took him for lunch.  He did an amazing job convincing me of the benefits of Twitter and even gave me a free copy of his book, “Twitter for sceptics”!

After reading Don’s book, I really started to understand the benefits of the platform. I was more convinced than ever to start big on Twitter. I called Don and asked him if he knew somebody who specialised in rapid and targeted Twitter growth. He put me in contact with Stephen (@stephenCaggiano). After looking online for a few minutes I quickly realised he was the guy I needed to talk to. Steven had almost 300k followers on Twitter. But he was as well following 180k people too. Stephen understood that you could grow a large audience by engaging and following people and influence them to follow you back. In other words, if I do something for you, you are more likely to like me and follow me.

I called Stephen and quickly realised he knew what he was talking about. We started working together right away and we were able to get results very quick. We knew that Stephen’s job would be easy, only if we provided him with the best content and engagement, so we started to Tweet interesting content several times a day.

  • We decided to constantly post 7 to 12 quality tweets or RT a day.
  • We made a list of 100 top influential people in our industry and started to engage regularly with them. Our goal was simple, providing value and entertaining our community while avoiding to share annoying or commercial messages.
  • We kept our best tweets for the time of the day when we identified we had the best engagement
  • We carefully used hashtags and RT, as well as tagging
  • We always leveraged the extra engagement during boat shows to interact with exhibitors and organisation committees and use hashtags to gain more followers.

While we were focusing on providing quality content, Stephen and his team were focusing on helping us to get massive targeted followers.


Our Twitter account went on a roller coaster. Stephen and his team targeted audience by keywords such as yachts, boats, fishing, boating etc….Followers started to flood our accounts. Tons of quality and targeted followers were joining our page.

I was sceptic at the beginning but was amazed to see the results and quality of the audience. As of today, we have over 25 k targeted Twitter followers and our audience keeps growing daily!

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Vincent Finetti

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