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Dear Friends,

My name is Vincent Finetti and when I first started as a broker a few years ago, I struggled to make sales and a living in this challenging industry.

But when I finally discovered a few marketing secrets, my brokerage business really started to take off.

Other brokers started asking me to help them so I decided to start my own company to revolutionize the industry.

It wasn’t long before we got so busy and built a business serving over 250 shipyards worldwide.

My goal with Yacht Sales Academy is to give you the tools, shortcuts and training you need to apply the best sales & marketing advice to become the leader in your marketplace and sell more boats.

So if you are currently a boat broker, boat dealer or boat builder and want to take your sales to the next level, I’d like to welcome you to this page and look forward to working with you.


I have been in sales for over 30 years and boating for more than 45 years. I have to say that you have enlightened me to the 'new age of sales' and prospecting for business. Your program is one of the most complete that I have ever participated in! I am most impressed that you are so young, yet so business savvy! Thank you for providing so much Value! Tony York

President, Oceans Adventures LLC.

Vince provides relevant and enjoyable content that will assist to improve the bottom line performance of any boat sales professional and business. Jed Elderkin

Director, Emarine Australia

Vince has done a remarkable job of distilling the essentials in an easy to understand format for the professional yacht broker. I look forward to hearing what he has to say next. Jeff Merrill

President, JMYS.com

"Your content is exceptional. I mean that. You have condensed and curated the best marketing/sales info over the last several years and applied it to luxury sales (boating)." Rich Lazzara

Yacht Broker, HMY

Vincent has a great blog and I find his boat sales tips to be very useful. Since I don't have time to read one sales book a day I'm glad someone is out there doing research like this and sharing this valuable information! Keep it up Vincent! Trevor Brice

Owner, North Pacific Yachts

I would highly recommend Yacht Sales Academy to anyone who is serious about getting into yacht/ boat sales as a career. Steve Black

Yacht Broker


Helping over 250 shipyards and counting!