Welcome to the Wild West of Boat Sales!

July 14, 2021

Remember in the Western movies when cowboys had gunfights with their rivals?

Whoever drew their gun first, accurately aimed it at the other, and pulled the trigger the fastest would win.

Imagine if you were in a duel and when you reached down, instead of grabbing a gun…

There was a butter knife…

This is what the current marine sales market is like for most brokers and sales professionals.

The market has changed so fast over the last 18 months that many sales professionals haven’t even taken the time to upgrade their weapons and are still bringing a knife to a gunfight.

But just like in a gunfight or in boat sales, there is no medal for second place…

The top performers know the latest strategies, tactics, and tools.

Meanwhile, the rest are using out-of-date traditional ‘butter knife selling methods’.

So they don’t stand a chance.

I can arm you with the best methods the big players are using today.

Watch this short presentation NOW to find out how!

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