The International Marine Sales Certification Course

July 16, 2021

Never Have A Zero Sales Month Again!

Yacht Sales Academy is proud to bring you a NEW course – The International Marine Sales Certification Course!

– Unlimited online access to the International Marine Sales Certification Course

– 20+ hours of videos to help you increase your sales

– All material, videos, bonuses, transcripts, and workbook

– Certificate of completion from YSA

– 30 day money back guarantee

Why you need the International Marine Sales Certification Certificate:

If you’re tired of wasting time and money trying to sell your product in the marine industry, then get the IMSC today. 

This online course will help you through your entire sales process and teach you strategies that have been proven to grow sales.

-Sales framework applied to sales in the marine industry

-Make clients and customers want to do business with you

-Access a toolbox full of winning sales strategies and tips

-Learn negotiation and follow up techniques adapted to the industry

-Proven methods to showcase your product and let clients influence themselves

-Best investment for marine sales professionals

Your Easy Sales Roadmap

1. Get the course
2. Follow the framework and strategies
3. Increase your sales

If you want to be good at sales, you need to spend time training.

The course has been broken down into 8 weeks – here is a preview of some of the things you can expect each week:

Week 1: Mindset & Objectives
Discover new rules and fundamentals for selling in today’s market, learn to reset your mindset using simple and proven exercises that the top salesmen use, and much more…

Week 2: Sales Communication 
Learn to build trust and rapport with new customers, go through the different communication styles and identify the one that you need to use in to sell in today’s market, learn how to accelerate sales cycles, and much more…

Week 3: Presentation, Objections & Closing
Discover how to overcome objections from your clients, learn to handle rejection, learn the exact sales script and questions to ask your customers to move closer to the sale, and much more…

Week 4: Selling Luxury & Boating
Learn how to create an unforgettable experience for your clients that results in referrals, learn how to sell the invisible and understand the luxury market, discover the sales framework for a no pressure approach, and much more…

Week 5: Follow Up & Automation
Learn the power of automation when following up with clients, simple and effective short emails that will bring back even forgotten leads, the perfect follow up message that has a 55% response rate, and much more…

Week 6: Listing Strategies
Discover 25 strategies to get you listings – complete with templates, frameworks, and checklists. Learn how to consistently price a boat correctly and double your listings appointment ratio, and much more…

Week 7: How to Build Authority & Online Presence
Tips & tricks to grow your business fast, a 365-day social media calendar to follow to increase your following and your online presence, increase your exposure, and much more…

Week 8: The Vault
A collection of strategies, tips, and tricks from the world’s top performers, mentors, and students from over the past 14 years.

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-Vincent Finetti

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