Want 21 Tips To Sell More Boats In The Next 3 Weeks?

February 6, 2019

Ever since I wrote about the 5 trends to sell more boats in 2019, I’ve received tons of questions and request for help. 

I’ve heard it over and over again: How do I market and sell boats online?

I just came back from the Dusseldorf and Seattle boat show. I am packing my bag and I am about to go with my media team to the Miami & Dubai show in the next few days. 

I have an opportunity for you if you want an “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” with your sales & marketing in 2019?

I am creating a 21-day boat sales challenge. 

Here's How It Works:

Every single day for the next 21 days (starting this Friday) I will share one game changing tip on using social media in boat sales, video marketing, getting listings, getting more leads, etc.

Everyday I will challenge you to take ONE SINGLE, SIMPLE action and that’s it! And nope, it need not be perfect…

Ultimately, in less than 3 weeks you’ll have 21 strategies to market your boats properly in 2019 and take a massive advantage over any of your competitors. 

The cost to this full game-changing program? Just $97.

And so, if you’d like to join, simply respond I’M IN (just shoot me an email, or WhatsApp me.)

And then we can get the process started.

No worries about the money, myself or my office manager will then contact you to get a CC number and we can get the process rolling asap.

Don’t wait, challenge starts in less than 2 days and we have limited seats!!! 

To your success!

— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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