A Seakeeper For Boat Sales?

July 23, 2019

One of The Most Common Problems Afflicting Boat Brokers:

Lack of predictable income.

You know…

One month life is great, you’re living like a king, then the next, you’re in panic mode again.

You get that tiny little commission check.

So you dip into your savings “one more time”.

You juggle your credit cards.

Pinch every penny.

While you’re forced to forget the finer things in life.

It’s a curse.

But then…

There’s that ONE BIG commission check that — quite literally — “saves your ass”.

It’s the knight in shining armor that not only pays your mortgage, puts food on the table, and gas in your car, but also gives you (and your spouse and kids) the money to stay afloat while you attempt (yet again) to live off the next tiny little commission checks sure to come… as income in boat sales is anything BUT predictable.

It’s stressful.

Been there, done that. Hated it.

Now, I want to switch gears for a second.

You know Seakeeper? Surely you do.

Well Seakeeper’s primary promise is to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll and keep everyone smiling.

“Eliminate boat roll”… I’m in.

“Keep everyone smiling”… I’m in.

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if such a thing existed for your unpredictable, up-and-down, “rolling” boat sales?

Something that’d eliminate this constant “financial roll”…

Something that’d keep you (and the family) smiling… 🙂

I guess that’s why many brokers I know have side-incomes (or gigs) to weather them through the “storm”.

Perhaps that’s you?

Now, while Seakeeper has been a huge success to eliminate boat roll for your clients… have you ever thought of creating your own “Seakeeper” to eliminate the financial roll in your boat sales?

Because a Boat Sales Seakeeper is a simple, automated system you can deploy online that will consistently send you leads.

And a continual source of leads is the ONE thing that will stabilize your sales by eliminating the financial roll and keep you (and your loved ones) smiling.

It’s the ONE thing that will eliminate those tiny little commission checks you get.

Interested in learning how to create your own? If so…

This Friday (the 26th) you can join me on a free 90-minute webinar and I’ll reveal a few great boat sales tips… PLUS I’ll talk about creating your very own Seakeeper for boat sales.

You can register here: http://start.yachtsalesacademy.com/sellmore

— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Marine Sales Strategist
Yacht Sales Academy

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