BOAT BROKERS: What Are They Good For?

July 9, 2019

“Seriously, other than just the ability to list on YachtWorld, what do they add to the equation?”

I recently stumbled upon this comment on a yachting forum.

Another guy added: “The easy answer: absolutely nothing.”

And it made me think, why do people think that way about us?

Why do we have such a bad reputation?

So, I did some research. And I discovered an Accenture survey from 2010. It found that the 2nd most hated profession in the US after politicians was… SALES.

So those are FACTS. People don’t like salespeople and boat owners generally don’t like boat brokers.

Now when the market changes and customers complain, we can do 1 of 2 things:

1) Point fingers and feel like a victim, OR

2) Take action and DO SOMETHING about it

So for this reason, I am doing a webinar on Friday… and the goal of the webinar is simple:

To show you a 3 Step System you can use to double your boat sales and listings.

We have limited seats so click here to register today:

It will be Friday the 12th at 12PM EST, 9AM PST, and 8PM GST.

But the truth is 95% of people like to complain and feel like victim… so you probably don’t want this invitation. In that case send the link to a friend so they can rock their sales, blow up their pipeline and make you jealous.

To your success,


— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Marine Sales Strategist
Yacht Sales Academy

PS: PS: I’ve spent over 30k hours in boat sales and marketing and I’ve uncovered the best strategies and techniques to sell boats. And I will be sharing them in this upcoming webinar (register here):

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