Could you retire on $1130 a month?

November 20, 2018

Did you know that the average social security monthly check is $1130?

Could you live on that?

Or would you have to move in with someone?

Millions of people — including marine sales professionals — reach retirement age and have NOTHING to show for it.

Now I’m sure you already know that social security isn’t all that secure because the government has been borrowing from it for years. And till the day the whole thing blows up in our faces!
What then?

Well, if you rather not struggle through “golden years” on $1130 a month, the truth is this: you need to start selling more boats, today.

And to begin selling more boats today, you must first realize that selling boats has changed so much in the last 5 years.

And if you know how boat sales has changed, how consumer behaviour has changed, and how to adapt to today’s market, you can retire with any amount of money you desire — if you have the drive to do so!

And so, as I tell my students and clients, starting today you’ve got throw out the traditional way of selling boats IF you want to sell more and retire with more money in the bank.

So, if you’re willing to throw out the old way of selling, then you may be interested in this:

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To your success!

— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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