A Boat Sales Lesson From a Bank Robber

February 5, 2020

During a French long weekend in July 1976, a team of gangsters, led by the infamous Albert Spaggiari, burst into the vault of the Societe Generale bank in Nice and stole the equivalent of 31 millions euros in a robbery that captivated the general public and gained international notoriety as “’the heist of the century.” 

Let me share how this heist took place…

A few months earlier, heist mastermind Spaggiari had decided that since the vault was located in the basement, breaking in by digging a tunnel using the underground sewer system was the best option.

He even rented a box inside the vault himself and placed a loud alarm to go off at midnight, to check for the presence of any acoustic or seismic detectors that could foil his plan. In fact, the vault had none of those security systems as it was considered impenetrable.

He then proceeded to recruit a group of professional gangsters to help him dig the tunnel and conduct the heist. After nearly 2 months of digging, the tunnel was finished and during the night on Bastille Day (which is the national day long weekend in France), they decided to break into the vault.

The gang spent hours sorting through the various safety deposit boxes. They broke into over 400 safety deposit boxes stealing over 30M Euros.

Before they left the vault on July 20th, they had a team picnic inside the vault and left a message on the walls of the vault: “sans armes, ni haine, ni violence” (“without weapons, hatred, or violence”).

Now, you are probably wondering what a bank robbery has to do with boat sales …

While Spaggiari was “without weapons, hatred, or violence,” in a similar but different way, the boat sales methods I reveal (in this week upcoming Webinar) allow you to sell without being “salesly, pushy or manipulative.”

I spent 30k hours identifying these methods from the best in the industry.

And I will spend some time this coming Thursday to share them with a small group of boat sales pros like you.

Want to attend or learn more? Just click the link below:


— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
Yacht Sales Academy

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