30,000 Hours Of Boat Sales Secrets Packed Into 1 Hour

October 17, 2019

Most of us are doing boat sales the wrong way — by trial and error. 

There’s no structure and no plan.

We spend a lot of time on email, making calls, walking the docks, and attending boat shows. We also spend a lot of money on offline and online advertising, and yet we almost always complain saying that “it doesn’t work anymore.”

Do you feel this way?

If so… boat sales doesn’t have to be this difficult.

And I know this because…

Believe it or not — I’ve invested more than 30,000 hours into discovering, documenting, and distilling what it takes to become a highly-paid boat broker.

And what it takes is the right plan of action.

A plan backed by a few winning sales and marketing strategies.

A plan backed by numerous ways of eliminating objections.

A plan based on thirty-thousand hours of research, reflection, and — most importantly — real-world results.

So, are you interested in becoming a highly-paid boat broker?

If so, I’ve packed these 30,000 hours of boat sales secrets into a 1-Hour Live Webinar.

Essentially, this webinar (scheduled for this Friday) is a “treasure chest” brimming with the best tips, tricks, and secrets you can “plunder” and deploy for your profit. 

Secrets like:

* The 1 Thing 95% Of Boat Sales Pros Do That’s Costing Them Clients

* How To Close Twice As Many Clients In 1/2 The Time

* How to Eliminate Your “Financial Roll” By Using A “Boat Sales Seakeeper”

Yet, best of all, I’ll be giving you a plan of action that will help you become a highly-paid boat broker. 

In closing, I want to leave you with a quote from the American business magnate T. Boone Picken’s, who once said: 

“A fool with a plan can outsmart a genius any day.”

So, what’s your plan this Friday?

To register and to learn more: http://start.yachtsalesacademy.com/sellmore

– Vincent Finetti

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