This Little Tip Will Help You Become A Better Boat Broker

September 28, 2018

“Vincent, I’m a just starting out, how can I become a better boat broker?”

Years before Steven Spielberg made E.T., his dad told him: “Steven, in life you have to work your way up and one day you will be in the director’s chair.” 

But the wise Spielberg ignored his father’s advice. And so he said to his father: “The first film I do, I will be the director.”

He never worked as an intern or brought anyone coffee. Instead of building his way up through the corporate ladder, he made amateur films (even charged some of his friends 25 cents to watch them). And when the time was right, Steven was the director on the first professional film he ever worked on.

In other words, he started from the top and built his way up!

Unfortunately,  we don’t all have the same confidence as Steven Spielberg. So what should you do?

Well, for what it’s worth, I wanted to share a post I wrote over a year ago. And, it’s my hope that it will help you become a better boat broker by giving you confidence.

Here’s what I wrote:


“I am good enough!”

I’ve sold millions worth of products and services
I’ve sold services to four fortune 100 companies
I’ve held a 400-lb anaconda around my neck
I’ve graduated with a Master & 2 bachelors
I’ve crossed the ocean on a sailboat
I’ve been an international athlete
I’ve read over 500 books

But there are some days…

I feel that I am not capable
I feel that I don’t know enough
I feel that I am not good enough

More than 70% of the population experiences the Impostor Syndrome. Whoever we are, whatever we do, we will always have something holding us back. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to treat yourself the same way that you would talk to your best friend. Encourage yourself, praise yourself, love yourself. Remember that a winner is just a loser that tried one more time. Never give up, enjoy the journey and don’t focus on your limited beliefs but believe in yourself without limits.”


Look, it’s not easy to share our weaknesses with our friends, prospects or clients.

But I decided to do so for 2 reasons:

#1. I hope that it will help me build a better connection with my audience by being authentic

#2. Because I thought that it would be a great sales lesson to help you become a better boat broker

Authenticity and vulnerability are 2 of the most important character trains in life and in business. Because they will help you build immediate trust and integrity. And as a result, guide you to personal and professional success.

And you know what?

The more I study successful people, the more I realize that they often leverage authenticity and vulnerability to build bonds with their audience, bring more value and increase their impact and wealth.

First, and for example, think of the massive fortune Oprah Winfrey has made. Here’s what she had to say about being authentic:

Oprah Winfrey Knows How You Can Become a Better Boat Broker

Second, after watching a lot of TED talks, I’ve noticed a common trait among speakers who get standing ovations: they share their emotions and are vulnerable.

A few weeks ago I interviewed a friend who I admire a lot. He started his boating company at an early age and sold over 100 yachts from home! I asked him for the best advice he would give to a young professional to become a better boat broker.

He responded:

“Learn and understand what you’re talking about. If you don’t know, say: ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out’. Find out and follow up. No BS-ing people and being honest with people has given me a reputation that has been a major asset. If being honest costs you a sale, so be it. A good reputation will more than make up for it later.”

It’s always difficult for a salesperson or company owner to tell a client that they don’t know in response to a question about their own products. But let’s face it, your consumers today have access to so much information that they’ll sometimes be more knowledgeable than you on about your own products or a particular model.

Now, have you ever come across the old Avis Rent a car ads? They show that it is okay not to be perfect or to be number one.

Avis Ad Reveals How You Can Become a Better Boat Broker

Avis understood that vulnerability is power and not a weakness. And as a result, those campaigns created more trust, bonds, and connections with their prospects.

Here is another more recent example:

Online used car sales have been exploding for the last 2-3 years. A new startup called Carvana recently raised $300 million to become one of the most successful online places to buy used vehicles. I checked their website and realized that they were using vulnerability as one of the main techniques to gain trust and interest from potential clients.

You can read the following headline on their home page: “Our cars aren’t perfect & neither are we.”

Check the ad below, they make sure to showcase the scratches on every vehicle.

They also push it further by promoting their worst reviews:

So, what can you do today to increase the connection with your audience and be more vulnerable?

My suggestion is this: Begin by revealing your flaws and weaknesses.

Tremendous things will happen to you when you do this. Why? Because you will develop trust. And trust, like gold, is rare. And people (prospects and clients) value and want it.

Now, with that said, many boat brokers don’t feel comfortable sharing their personal flaws. I get it.

And that’s why during Week 1 of the Sales Masterclass I cover the common causes of rejection, fear, failure, and how you can overcome them. That way you can more easily “open up” to your prospects and clients. And by doing so, establish that trust they desire in you. Provide this, and you’ll sell more boats and yachts.

Again, it’s all covered in the 6-Week Sales Masterclass.

And you can read all about it by going here:

To your success!


— Vincent Finetti
Founder & Instructor
The Yacht Sales Academy

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