Listing Secrets: How to Get More Listings at The Right Price

Instructed by Vincent Finetti

Getting listings is probably one of your biggest problems. I keep hearing it from so many brokers. I also keep hearing that there is a shortage of listings out there and this is why I’ve put this great training together. Remember that in boat sales, If You Don’t List, You Don’t Last.”

Here's How it Works

Step #1: Apply for The Next Listing Secrets Training

Step #2: Attend the Training and Apply the Listing Secrets System

Step #3: Get More Listings at The Right Price

After working with you on my listing program I have earned the business of every prospective selling client I’ve met with. Each client has taken my recommended listing price... and my latest two listings both sold on the first showings, one in two weeks and another in two days.”

Gordon Bennett, Annapolis Yacht Broker Services

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Listing Secrets is a course comprised of 3 pre-recorded video modules (each module is approx. 1.5 hours long)
  • How to never rely on “hope” or "luck" again by using a predictable and automated system.
  • How to consistently list a boat at the right price with the right terms
  • How to get clients that want to work with you and no one else
  • How to easily double your listing appointments closing ratio
  • I’ll also personally spend 30-minutes helping you implement the methods so you can get up and running faster (and I can answer any of your questions)

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