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Did you know that one of the most viral campaigns in the advertising industry actually generated a decline in sales?

The Evian “Roller Babies” video was released in 2009. It went viral and attracted 50 million views. The brand lost market shares and sales dropped 25 percent. (More here). Surprisingly, this Roller Babies video was one of the most awarded.

I am always frustrated to see that advertising agencies are rewarded for their creativity and not for their results. Who cares how viral, creative or beautiful your ads look if they don’t help you sell anything!  Some marketers might tell you that they are doing some branding. But branding is what marketers tell you when they don’t know how to get you business. “Sorry, we didn’t get you any business but we are branding it.” Remember that if it’s not selling, it’s not marketing!

I love reading marketing books or listening to podcasts by world class marketers. One thing that particularly attracts me is studying the consumer behaviour or “how to influence and why people buy”. Another one of my hobbies is browsing boating magazines. This double interest made me realise that marketers in the boating industry very often don’t respect the fundamentals of advertising. I decided to help them and put together this checklist so enjoy it and contact me at any time if you have questions.

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Vincent Finetti

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