The_Most_Important element in boat sales

The most important element in boat sales



In this video I am sharing with you the most important thing in sales. If I could summarize sales to 1 thing, what would it be? 1 word: RESISTANCE

Sales is about removing resistance. Think about it. You wouldn’t have any resistance. Your client would just come in and take your paperwork and sign with your pen, buy the boat. But the reason they don’t do that is because there is a lot of resistance in the way of you selling your product to them. So now I’m going to show you how to remove resistance. In order to do that, you have to understand what sales is made of, and sales is made of 4 things:

First the customers. So let’s imagine John and Mary are your customers and are looking for a boat.
Now what’s the second most important thing: your product. So let’s imagine you are selling for instance a Sea Ray, this is a SeaRay 35.
Third, what else do you need, a salesperson, this is you.
Fourth thing you need is a to communicate so we need a message.

So guess what? If I teach you how to remove resistance, it will be the easiest and shortest way for you guys to make a sale. In order for me to teach you how to remove resistance I want to first show you what resistance is made of.

Resistance is made of 3 different forms of resistance:

1. Reactance: Fear of the sales person and the sales persuasion. And you know that people hate being sold out there. A survey in 2010 revealed that sales is the 2nd most hated profession in America after politicians. Why? Because people hate being sold.
2. Scepticism: The fear of the product itself. The fear of the offer, the price, the contract.
3. Inertia: The fear of moving forward, not having the sale, confidence,
If you know how to remove reactance, scepticism & inertia, you will create the shortest path to the sale.


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