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Bring your sales to the next level by learning the best-proven formulas, tips & techniques in boat sales.

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Selling Your Boats JUST GOT A LOT EASIER.  

Introducing The ’30 Secrets to Boat Sales’, an interactive sales & marketing course designed specifically for boat brokers, boat dealers or boat builders, created to help you reconnect with clients and prospects, market your boats efficiently and sell more boats.

Let’s be honest. Traditional selling just doesn’t work anymore. We all need to market our boats online and adapt our sales methods to the way people buy in 2016, but the whole process can be quite complicated and overwhelming.

Selling boats is one of the most difficult professions out there. You are selling a product that only 1% of the population can afford. A product that is last on the list of things we need in life and with one of the longest buying cycles. And all of this in an ultra competitive and price-driven market. However, boat sales can also be simple and rewarding, if you know what you are doing.

Many boat brokers, boat dealers or boat builders are so confused with all the possibilities that they don’t know where to start.

Are you tired of feeling stressed at work?
Are you not sure of what the best ways to market your boats are?
Shouldn’t selling boats be fun instead of frustrating and having to wait for the next sales or listing to miraculously show up?

We know how you feel because we have been in your shoes when it comes to selling boats. We’ve also learned about it from doing marketing for over 250 shipyards worldwide. But to tell you the truth, it’s not your fault that you’ve tried and failed to list or sell more boats to potential prospects. The problem is that because things are changing so fast nowadays, traditional methods simply no longer work. What you need is a better way to sell, and that is why you need to discover the ’30 Secrets to Boat Sales’.

What our clients have to say about ‘The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales’

“Your content is exceptional. I mean that. You have condensed and curated the best marketing/sales info over the last several years and applied it to luxury sales (boating).”

I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales training. Over 20 of Denison’s brokers have successfully completed the course. Every single one of them received value from taking the training and told me they would vouch for the investment. It’s a great course for new and experienced brokers alike. Our industry desperately needs more training programs like this one.

“Yacht sales has changed so much over the last few years. Vincent has great insight into the buyers of today and there are so many great lessons and insights that if implemented, will boost your business to the next level. I’ve already tried some of the lessons and last week got two accepted offers on brokerage boats. I highly recommend this course to any new or seasoned yacht sales professional who wants to understand the current yacht sales atmosphere. This is well worth every bit of the investment. I am enjoying implementing the lessons into my daily practice of moving prospects into owners.”

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividend”-Benjamin Franklin

The best way to achieve greatness is to invest in yourself.

It’s possible to master the fundamentals of boat sales, even if you’re novice. You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on sales, spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders and spend YEARS building experience OR you can get this course and boost your skills and potential overnight.

No fluff and No B.S. Just the necessary information and tips you need to become a top performer in your field.

Are you making one of the most common mistakes in boat sales?

Boats are not a commodity but something people want. The easiest way to sell them is to focus on the experience and emotions associated with the product. In other words, you have to Sell the Cruise, Not the Ship. 

-Sell the experience and excitement of owning a boat.

-Sell the time they will spend on the water.

-Sell how beautiful the boat will look at the marina.

-Sell how happy they will be with family and friends on their boat. 

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz built a billion dollar empire with this strategy. He said: “We are not in the coffee business serving people. We are in the people business serving coffee.” Because of this, he was able to have the consumer pay 5 times more for a cup of coffee. It went from a $1 commodity product to a $5 luxury treat.

Here is what you will find in the 30 Secrets

The course is divided into 3 modules of 10 lessons. Each lesson is presented in a friendly and simple interactive format.

Package includes: unlimited online access to 30 interactive lessons, videos, quizzes, progress bar, marks evaluation, checklists, 3 bonus lessons and 2 bonus eBooks.


  • Knowing 10 psychological triggers to reduce pricing
  • Saving over an hour a day on emails
  • Knowing the best-proven email template to reconnect with old prospects and get more sales
  • Discovering the 4 best negotiation techniques adapted to boat sales
  • Knowing the psychological triggers behind your buyers’ decision
  • Discovering the best sales techniques applied to boats and luxury sales
  • And a whole lot more…

Package includes: unlimited online access to 30 interactive lessons, quizzes, progress bar, marks evaluation, checklists, 3 bonus lessons and 2 bonus eBooks.

Over 200 students enrolled worldwide

Don’t take our word for it. The secrets work! These notes we’ve received from happy customers prove it…

 “I have been around sales and marketing for well over 45 years and you have really nailed it here!”

“Vincent, Great information, very informative and enjoyable to read. Keep up the great work! Very truly.”

“Love your training. We Boating World have trained for years and appreciate you targeting boat sales training” 

” Your comments are a great way to stimulate me as a professional sales person again. Please keep them coming.”

Asking yourself if this will work for you?

Whether you are selling dinghies or mega yachts, the human psychology behind why people buy is the same.

The product is different, but the fundamentals of the sales are similar.

Selling is just like any sport. If you want to be good at it, you need to spend time training.

So when last did you train?

One of the things you are going to love about the course is how easy and simple it is to take. We have over 200 students that have taken the course and we’ve gotten a ton of amazing feedback.

I recently did a sales presentation to the dealer network of Riviera Yachts. I used just 10% of the material in the 30 Secrets and here is what the CEO had to say about the presentation:

Hi Vincent,   Thank you very much for your time in Miami. Your talk was great, plenty of passion, engaging and to the point.  I have one of your books for my son who is hoping to move into sales in about 5 years? Cheers.

“I got a chance to spend some time looking through your boat sales techniques and I am totally impressed. It’s a lot of information and is something that would greatly benefit all our brokers.”

“I have been selling high-end luxury yachts for over 15 years in Asia, having closed many deals during the high market time. I believed I was a good salesman.  But as markets dwindled and competition increased  I started to blame the economy for my lack of sales.  I finally realized I had to relearn things, and I am glad I found Vincent’s training course which is so specific to the industry. The training is not just specific but it is great for a business owner like me, where its not just about sales techniques but its also about marketing and representing myself. This is a must if you are selling boats for a living. It will push you ahead of the curve. And those who don’t will lag behind.”

So if you’re serious about boat sales in 2016 and would like to start growing your business, click the “Order Now” button below.

Plus you’ll get these two new bonuses!

1) Sell More at Boat Shows: 20 Immediate & Simple Tips to Boost Sales

2) In Your Client’s Shoes (40-page marketing report created for our boating clients)

This is backed by our 110% satisfaction guaranteedguarantee-seal

I decided to offer a complete course at an affordable price to help the industry and not just a few consulting clients out there. We want you to be 100% happy with this training program, and if you aren’t, no problem. Email us within 30 days and we’ll issue you a 110% refund. No questions asked. Yes, you read that right. That’s THIRTY days. We are so confident that you’ll love this that we are giving you all the time in the world to evaluate it 😉

What is my investment?

  • How much are your outdated strategies costing you?
  • How many potential customers can’t see your boats in this sea of noise?
  • How many of your listings keep attracting hull kickers or no leads at all because they are not presented or marketed properly?
  • How many listings and sales have you missed out on?

People who have already taken the course agreed that this is one of the best investments they have made in their boating careers. So why not give it a try right now and free your mind to think about the things that really matter in your business right now.

30 video lessons

Over 100 pages of content

30 Interactive lessons


Progress Bar

Marks Evaluation


3 bonus lessons

Email or Phone assistance

2 bonus eBooks

Certificate of accomplishment from Yacht Sales Academy (Upon proof of completion and additional $15.95 for international posting fees)

To your success,

Vincent Finetti, Founder & Sales Strategist – Yacht Sales Academy

vincent (@) +1-250-667-2630

P.S: Order anytime day or night … You’re just 30 seconds away from having your hands on page-after-page of amazing boat sales techniques. Try it — You’re going to be surprised with your own results!  » Add to Cart

P.S. Problem with ordering online? Just call our office at +1-250-585-2628 and we will immediately help you and e-mail you your training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 2 full days if you plan on doing it all at once. There are around 200 pages of content (pocket book format) so our recommendation is that you do a couple of lessons daily, take notes, do the quizzes and progressively apply the advice to your business.

Think of the blog post as being a chapter from a book, and the ’30 Secrets To Boat Sales’ course as being an entire college class. The course goes into MUCH more depth, with case studies, examples, checklists and lots of video tutorials on the 30 Secrets. The course is dynamic and specifically built to bring your boat sales practice to the next level.

At the end of the day, you are the only person who can answer this question. However, I can assure you that the strategies in this course made me millions in revenue over the last 5 to 6 years. Instead of thinking about how much it costs, ask yourself how much it will cost NOT to take it. Remember that I have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So it is totally RISK-FREE to you.

Yes. Once you’ve purchased your course, you’ll have access to all the content in the course section, including new updates and lessons. You’ll also be able to ask me any questions you have regarding the course.

Yes of course! It will be updated on a regular basis.

No problem. Our course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If after having completed the course and quizzes you don’t find any value in The ’30 Secrets to Boat Sales’, ask for a refund before the 30th day, and we’ll refund your full payment plus 10%.

The course is designed for individual use because you have a progress bar and personalized quizzes. If you need multiple courses and want to purchase more than 3, we have a volume discount when purchased within the same company.

Most of the lessons are text & photos. The majority of them also have videos. At the end of each lesson you will find a quiz.

No. The 30 Secrets is a one-time fee of $197 for full lifetime access. You even have access to bonuses, quizzes & checklists.

The course has been designed for a boat sales audience, but the sales and marketing principles can be applied to every business.

Yes! It’s specifically designed for COMPLETE NEWBIES but also for experienced brokers. I go into detail about the best sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that can be applied to our industry.

Got any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask!

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