What Spiders And Cornfields Taught Me About Boat Sales


Imagine you’re a spider. What would you do to get food?

Spiders get their food by following 2 simple strategies:
1)   Find the place with the highest concentration of insects. (Marketing)
2)   Build the largest web to catch as many insects as possible. (Sales)

Those principles seem so simple but unfortunately we often tend to forget them. We always try to come up with new formulas to sell our products or services without following the basic fundamentals.

On our way home from an air show in Oshkosh yesterday, my team and I got lost in the middle of rural roads and cornfields in Wisconsin. As we were struggling to find our way back home we suddenly stumbled upon a boat for sale. We couldn’t believe it- the owner had put his boat for sale in the middle of nowhere and on top of that, his phone number was washed off by the rain.

We often try to find a magic formula to sell our products but forget to follow the basic principles.

Did you know that by following the first principle to its best (finding the best traffic), you could land sales without even having to do any effort?

Let’s take the Papa Johns example for instance. They know that an average Walmart gets approximately 450,000 visitors weekly. Their strategy is to invest in a location close to a Walmart and get a sturdy stream of customers without having to do any advertising.

Boat Sales & Marketing Fundamentals

Papa Johns Pizza doesn’t need to advertise. Their strategy is pretty simple. Find a solid source of traffic and set up their shop next to it.

But how can you expect sales when you set your shop up in the middle of a cornfield?

In conclusion, if you decide to market your products or services online or offline, follow those fundamental principles. Find the best location and build the biggest web to catch clients. As David Trott said in his great book Predatory Thinking: “Principles endure. Formulas don’t.”

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Vincent Finetti

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