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The 30 Secrets To Boat Sales

The 30 Secrets To Boat Sales

How many times have you heard people say they don’t like the profession of selling?

The general public often perceives sales as a manipulative technique to push a service or product and generate a commission. If you think about it, sales is and has always been the most important and necessary profession in our society. You wouldn’t be looking at your screen if somebody hadn’t sold you a computer or smartphone. You wouldn’t even have clothes or a chair to sit on if they had not been sold to you.

But if sales is such a wonderful thing for our society, why does the general population have such a bad perception of it?

The 30 Secrets to boat sales+ Shady used car sales

The explanation might simply be in the way our brain is wired.

Did you know that the human brain is pre-programmed to focus on the negative? In fact, it is not in our nature to have a positive attitude. The natural behaviour to constantly focus on negative thoughts and events is called negative bias.

To understand it, we need to go back thousands of years ago to when we were cavemen. We had an instinct and necessity to develop awareness in response to life-threatening risks. This is why we often ignore the positive aspects of our life and instead primarily focus on the negative events.

As a result, the general public tend to focus on all the negative aspects and experience in sales rather than the benefits they get from it.

The 30 secrets to boat sales - Negative BiasI have been selling professionally for the last 10 years and it is one of the things I am the most proud of in business. Selling is a beautiful and noble profession. You should be very proud of your job if you are in boat sales. But boat sales is one of the most difficult jobs out there. It is a commission based job where you are selling a product that only 1% of the population can afford. A product that is last on the list of things we need in life and with one of the longest buying cycles. All of this in an ultracompetitive and price driven market.

However, boat sales can also be simple and rewarding – If you know what you are doing

When I first started as a broker a few years ago, I struggled to make sales and a living in this challenging market. But when I finally discovered the power of marketing, my brokerage business really started to take off. Other brokers asked me to help them, so I decided to start my own company (Prestige Vision Inc) to change the industry.

My passion for marketing kept growing. I started writing marketing reports and articles for our clients. Some of them followed my advice and started seeing real results. It was at that point when I knew I was onto something that I decided to start sharing & teaching my strategies and knowledge with the industry.

After sharing articles on my blog for over 6 months, I decided to launch my first training program called “The 30 Secrets To Boat Sales”. This program was a combination of my passion for boating and my experience in boat sales & marketing. I have been buying and selling boats both professionally and personally since the age of 15 (I am 35 now).

In 2008, after a few years in the boat brokerage business, I decided to start a marketing company with my partner Michael Hrustaliov. Our goal was to change the way shipyards were selling boats worldwide. My team & I spent thousands of hours travelling to boat shows around the world over the past 6 years. We established partnerships with over 250 shipyards worldwide and learned so much about what was and wasn’t working in the industry.

Ok, so enough about me, let me share with you the list of 30 secrets:

30 Secrets to Boat Sales - Logo
30 Secrets to Boat Sales

1- The Only 3 Reasons You Are Not Selling Boats Right Now
2 – The Amazing 9 Words Email that Revive Dead Leads
3 – The Reverse Engineering Formula
4 – The NYC Marathon Formula
5 – The Dollar Store Formula
6 – The 10X ad Copywriting Formula
7 – The Financial Advisor Sales Formula
8 – 20 Years of Research on Sales Success Comes Down To 1 Simple Formula
9 – L I S T E N = S I L E N T Anagram formula
10 – The Single Sales Technique Used in all Car Dealership in the World
11 – 10 Psychological Triggers to Reduce Pricing
12 – 10 Great Sales Tips I used to Sell to 4 Fortune 100 companies
13 – The Secret to Win over Your Competitors Audience in Seconds
14 – The Fear Factor Formula
15 – The Flash Light Formula
16 – The Mont Blanc Sales Pen Formula
17 – The 1.5 Million Dollar Mouse Click Formula
18 – How I built the Biggest Twitter Page in the Boating Industry
19 – Facebook On Steroid. 100k fans in 6 Months Techniques Revealed
20 – Top 3 Negotiation Mistakes and They Are Not What You Think!
21 – This Hyundai Formula
22 – The Rich OR Famous Formula
23 – The 8 Profits Activator Formula
24 – Save 1 Hour a Day on Email and Get More Commercial Time
25 – 7 Secrets to Capturing more Leads at Boat Shows
26 – The Blendtec Formula
27 – If Knowledge = Power then Learning = SuperPower
28 – My Top 6 Book Recommendation After Reading 600 + Books
29 – The 2 Best Kept Secret Laws To Get An Unfair Advantage In Sales
30 – The Franchise Formula

Each secret is presented as a friendly and easy to assimilate article with photos, videos and a quiz. We even added checklists and bonuses to give you more value. The end goal was to give you the tools, shortcuts and help you need to apply the best sales & marketing actions, to become the leader in your marketplace and sell more of your boats.

Now if you like the typical Wolf of Wall Street sales approach, forget about it, this training program is not for you. We will not teach you about cold calling, Always Be Closing, pushing products features & benefits or rejections handling.

We decided to not let you market boats like it’s 1999 anymore!

Instead, this program is built on today’s sales & marketing techniques that work and bring the best results. Our favourite definition of marketing is that it is the “Shortest path to the sale” and this is the exact path we are trying to guide you in.

Our conception of selling is based on 3 core principles:

 1) Helping not selling

The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales - Always Be Helping

We live in a world where the consumers are hyper-connected and informed. They already know so much about your products or services before even contacting you. The difference between helping and selling is just 2 letters but those 2 letters make a huge difference.
If you sell something you can make a customer for a day but if you help someone you will make a customer for life.

2) Sell the Cruise, not the ship

The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales - Sell the Cruise

Boats are not a commodity but something people want. The best way to sell them is to focus on the experience and emotions associated with your products. People buy based on emotions and justify it with facts.

3) Reverse engineer the sales process

The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales - Reverse Sales

This quote from Steve Job refers to the conception & manufacturing but I believe that it can also be applied in the sales process.

Start by understanding the consumer’s behaviour & motivation, then work back towards the product. You have to architect your sales based on this process and not fall into the trap of pushing the product’s features or benefits.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz built a billion dollar empire with this strategy. He said: “ We are not in the coffee business serving people. We are in the people business serving coffee”.

Because of this, he was able to have the consumer pay 5 times more for a cup of coffee. It went from a 1$ commodity product to a 5$ luxury treat. To help you reverse engineer your sales process, I have read dozens of books on the psychology of buying and consumer behaviour and backed up the course with dozens of academic and scientific studies about it.

I will keep you posted for the launch date of The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales but it should be available in the upcoming  2 or 3 weeks. Sign up to our email list to be sure to be informed about it.
I will finish this article with one more thing. You can have all the best tips and secrets but at the end of the day, there is one thing that will always remain your biggest asset: Your MINDSET.

Always remember that you are wired to have negative thoughts. Being aware of this and always seeking a positive outlook will help you to become better in sales. Constantly seek positive thoughts at every opportunity.
Remember that it is not when the crisis will be over but rather when you will be over the crisis.

As Abraham Lincoln said so well: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

The best example of the importance of mindset can be shared by this great story I read a couple of years ago in a sales book:

A shoe company wanted to develop its business in a developing country. The CEO met with 2 sales reps and asked them to go prospecting individually in the new country and bring info about it. The 2 sales reps travelled separately and visited the country for a week to assess the potential market. After a week onsite, the first sales rep called the CEO and said:  “It is a total disaster, nobody wears shoes here. There is absolutely no market for it”. A few minutes after, the CEO received another phone call from the second sales rep who said: “Start shipping right now! Huge potential and absolutely no competition at all!”

So go out there and get ready for shipping!

If you are currently a boat broker, boat dealer or boat builder and want to take your sales to the next level contact me anytime (vincent @  and let’s see how we could work together to help you bring your sales to the next level.

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Vincent Finetti

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15 thoughts on “The 30 Secrets To Boat Sales”

  1. Vincent, thanks for sharing a very positive and fun blog. The 30 secrets to boat sales course looks very interesting and I would love to review the course. I like the approach you are taking and am curious to see a more info in the near future. If you see a way where we can help each other out, please contact me. Happy sailing … _/)

  2. Very interesting piece that challenges our mindsets. I have helped companies launch products for many years and have come to realise it is all about return on investment (ROI). Why should the customer invest in a product or boat. What are you offering. Is it a saving in cost, space saving, ease of use, more fun etc.etc. Or a combination of factors that shows your customer you are offering him something that will improve his experience one way or another. ROI, A simple little mantra that can help change the thought process.

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