Do You Know The 9 Most Powerful Words In Boat Sales?

I wanted to share with you a very powerful boat sales technique that might interest you and your team. This short email revives dead leads and helps you easily reconnect with your potential clients. I have offered products and services for almost 10 years now and I’ve never found a better approach!

It is called the 9 words email and I got it from one of my online mentor and world-class marketer Dean Jackson.

Here is an example below:

Subject: ( Client Name)
Client Name, Are you still looking for a boat? 

Three key elements make this email work:

1) It is short
2) It is personal
3) It is expecting a reply

Those three elements, when you add them together, create a winning combination. The response rate to this email is so much higher than any other email I tried! I read a survey stating that just over 50% of the people who enquire about something will buy what they enquire about in the next eighteen months. The researchers went back to the people who bought and asked them what happened.
-15% of the buyers were making their purchase in the first ninety days.
-The rest of them or 85% bought between ninety days to eighteen months.

This actually means that 85 % of your potential clients will buy between 90 days to 18 months! Most of your competitors will not put any efforts on following up with prospects past ninety days so this can give you a great competitive advantage. I am sure that you have a lot of old 90+ days leads so treat them like gold and reconnect with them because 42% of them will surely buy something in the next 18 months!

(Sales cycle is much longer for the boating industry but you get the idea of the overall consumer behaviour)

This email is the perfect way to revive your dead leads and transform them into golden sales! Make sure to stick to the 9 words and not be tempted to add more words as it will take away all of the magic! Your goal is to enter a conversation with your prospects. The best way to enter a conversation is to genuinely be interested in others and not be perceived as a spam, distraction or solicitation.

This email will be your best way to establish a dialogue and plan your next step in the sales process.

I have helped so many clients and sold tons of products and services using this method. I have heard of a broker in Florida who used this EXACT method and sold a new build megayacht for over $100 Million, yes, you read it correctly, over $100 Million.

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Vincent Finetti

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